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Angry Re: delays/hangs when switching console -> Xorg w/ composition

@Belegdol: Sorry but I have to disagree unfortunately.

The bug is still present w/ 295.33, GTX470, kernel 3.2.11, Xorg 1.12 and Gnome 3.4 (even though it doesn't matter if its Gnome or KDE or whatever). It seems a little bit harder to trigger but still happens, is extremly annoying and renders any compositing useless which also means no Gnome 3 for example.

I don't think NVIDIA will ever fix this. This thread gets no attention whatsoever. And recently their Linux support has really started to drop imho. Bugs don't get the attention they deserve (like this one). Honestly, I am more than disappointed. Maybe they should finally start to support nouveau if they don't have the man power or the will to continue their (previously) superb support. If this does not get fixed and the AMD open source drivers are finally a valuable alternative, I know what my next card will be. And note here I was talking about the open source drivers. I know that the AMD proprietary drivers suck in terms of support.

Sorry but this should have been fixed ages ago... really disappointing!
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