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Default Adobe Flash Player 11.2 under NVIDIA drivers (hangs, crashes and blue skin color)

In default configuration (i.e. without /etc/adobe/mms.cfg file) Adobe Flash Player 11.2 has the following problems in Linux with NVIDIA drivers:

1) People's skin is blueish, people look like smurfs. Bug report, another bug report (Adobe cannot or more likely doesn't want to reproduce this bug - there's still a possibility that it's indeed NVIDIA's drivers bug).

2) YouTube videos leak through black parts of other windows (Adobe is aware of this bug but they don't want to fix it).

3) Watching YouTube videos causes Flash player to hang, crash the browser or freeze server (A bug in server or NVIDIA drivers as both sides blame each other).

4) It's impossible to read some websites which contain Flash charts. Just open this page and try to smooth scroll it in Mozilla Firefox. CPU usage will jump to 100%, the whole image on the display will be garbled (Most likely a bug in the interaction of server and NVIDIA drivers).

Keywords: Linux, NVIDIA Linux proprietary driver, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome/Chromium, Opera, Adobe Flash Player plugin, blue, blueish, crash/freeze/hang, [mi] EQ overflowing. Additional events will be discarded until existing events are processed. Version: Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202, flash-plugin-, /opt/google/chrome/

If you experience any other problems, please post about them here.

Please, share any workarounds with us if you have found them.

Update 1: a possible fix for issues 1 and 2 (please, test and report if it works for you):

Originally Posted by Plagman View Post
For people running into either the "leaking overlay" or the "blue people" problems, I wrote a patch to designed to suppress them.

Please clone libvdpau from git and apply this:

This will cause the resulting trace library to change the VDPAU behavior of any clients that have tracing enabled, so make sure you only enable tracing for the web browser that loads the Flash plugin (eg. for Firefox in Ubuntu, you'd add an "export VDPAU_TRACE=1" line to /usr/lib/firefox-n.n/ Trying to use tracing on any other VDAU client after this has been installed won't work right as it suppresses all the tracing messages and swaps color channels for some operations. Please make sure to restore a vanilla build of on your system before filing a VDPAU bug against something else.
Update 2:

Here's another fix for issues 1 and 2 (it also includes GPU offloading of H.264 decoding):

1) Modify your Firefox/Google Chrome/Opera shortcuts this way:

alternatively you can create /etc/profile.d/ file with this content:

this way is even better as it guarantees that Adobe Flash Player will work in any web browser.

2) Create /etc/adobe/mms.cfg file and put this text into it:


These two solutions do not solve the problems with sporadic Flash Player crashes and the scrolling of pages containing Flash charts.


Since I enabled hardware acceleration in Flash, now Flash Player crashes every time when I try to jump to a certain portion of video or resize a video window in YouTube. :-(
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