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Default Re: Resume problems with a new Nvidia card

Ok. I am back to revisit this topic.

I was planning in upgrading to mythtv 0.25 in a week when it is released because I wanted support for HD audio. Looking through the logs, I realized the video card I had didn't support it. Apparently, when I "fixed" this issue previously, the box had the old gt 220 card in it.

So, I bought a new gt 430 and I am having the same exact issue. The machine will go to sleep just fine, but the computer never wakes up again. The power will come on, fans spin, etc but the display never heats up and you can't contact it over the network. I have verified it isn't the mac address issue I had previously.

I obviously can't get any logs since the system isn't usable, is netbooting, and the network never comes back up.

Any suggestions on how I could diagnose/debug this issue?
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