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Default A Costly Mistake

My internet browser would freeze after twenty minutes and if I was playing a game it would do the same .It turns out to be a bad harddrive ,ever test I ran said it was fine but I would still get APP-HUNG when it would freeze no manner what I played or did .So I thought it had to be the memory ,or CPU or motherboard since I would run test and nothing came up as a problem.I bought new memory ,then a new cpu and motherboard.It was'nt even my boot harddrive wich is running in Raid-0 ,it was my secound harddrive that is also running in Raid-0.After I deleated the Raid on my and made it just two 1TB drives everthing works fine now .My which is the boot drive is still running in Raid-0,but no problems ,I would have thought if it was my harddrive it would be the boot drive causeing the problem .Now after spending $600 it comes down to a $150 drive. My CPU i7-920 and my motherboard Gigabyte EX58-UD5 and 6gigs of OCZ 7-7-7-21-1T 1.64 are just fine .I wish newegg would take back returns ,But they said they could replace it with the same stuff and some of it could be return with a 15% stocking fee.
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