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Default Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
I wouldn't waste your time with a small ssd either. They are a lot slower than the same models with higher capacities. The ocz vertex 3 drives are now usually under the $1 per gb barrier and fast as hell. I would keep it to 120gb minimum and load all of your apps on it for quick performance
Oh I'm not gonna' buy anything smaller than 120GB, infact I'd prefer 240GB just because I could put some programs and maybe even pictures and documents on the SSD. Not necessary by any means, but it'd be nice.

Windows 8 I couldn't give a fly's fart about, that's why I'll install it on my 30GB. I don't plan to use it very often. Why dump $120+ for a 120GB+ SSD for Windows 8 when I'll use it next to never? No the new SSD will be Windows 7 Ultimate and I'll use that far more than Windows 8. Only reason I'm even installing Windows 8 is so I'll be familiar with it to better help my clients. If I had it my way I'd never use Windows 8.
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