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Angry Linux kernel 3.4-rc1 has been released to test. It does not work with nVIDIA driver.

Well tonight 3-31-12, the last day of March 2012, kernel 3.4-rc1 has been released for testing which you can find here:

I have not found any posts yet on the new kernel. I can say that I was able to compile kerne-3.4-rc1 without a problem using SAKC ( However, the nVIDIA proprietary video driver does not install. It does not install with any fix I have used for kernel 3.3 so I guess there are more changes with kernel 3.4 over what was changed with kernel 3.4. I hope its temporary, but it is not looking good for nVIDIA at all. They fell behind in getting their driver to work with kernel 3.3 and none of those fixes even work with kernel 3.4. So, we will see what this means for anyone using nVIDIA who would like to stay up with the latest kernel releases. Why has nVIDIA been unable to keep up with the kernel fixes I wonder. Are there no programmers that can handle this situation at nVIDIA? I wonder ...

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