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Default Re: System locks up on monitor power off....

Originally Posted by mbobak View Post
I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 beta/NVidia 295.20 driver/3.2.0-19-generic kernel.

Everything runs fine, except if I turn off my monitor (which is a 60" Plasma in my Home Theatre), the system locks up hard. I need to physically press reset button to reboot the system.
Same here for me. Curiously, it only happens when I completely switch off the screen. If it is kept in stand-by mode the kernel doesn't lock up.

I have a 8400GS (G86) and the screen is connected via HDMI (I doubt this would happen if it were connected by VGA)

I think that most certainly this is a problem with the nVidia driver. This happens for me with all 295.* versions, but it works right with the latest 275 series (currently, 275.43). I have to run the X server with -ignoreABI option, but still it works.

Could you test with version 275.43 to check if it works for you too?
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