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Default Re: 295.33 or flash bug?

Originally Posted by Deanjo View Post
For linux, the flash plugin is dead.
IIRC Adobe said they will provide security updates for 5 (?) years for Flash on Linux. But no new features. So its not dead but not much alive either. A kind of a zombie.

BTW the title of the thread is wrong - Adobe's flashborne acceleration/decoding has issues with the recent-ish nvidia drivers for a long time (since it appeared i think).
The blue youtube doods seems to be a recent bug though linked to flash 11.2, but i assume it affects older nvidia drivers too.

And all these acceleration-related issues DO go away if you just right-click on the video and untick "use hardware acceleration". The side effects though, can be tearing video and WILL be higher CPU usage since both decoding and display will be handled exclusively via software.
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