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Default Re: PS4 details emerge

These rumors are technically plausible. If the system doesn't launch till end of next year the 7x series will be somewhat aged so pricing will be low enough yet it will be more then powerful enough for console gaming due to the closed nature of the platform. As for using an X86 chipset, that is also plausible, remember what makes a system secure is a combination of hardware and software. Sony could install a security chip in the console and continue with their high level of security on their OS side.

Using an x86 chipset would allow of easy ports from console to PC and the other way aswell giving to more shared software libraries and making them a favorable platform for developers to focus on due to ease of programming.

My only questionable thing about this entire situation is that they chose AMD instead of Nvidia since they already had a successful partnership and rumor was that nvidia already signed a contract to produce the next gpu.
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