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Default Re: XServer hang (100% CPU)

I saw the bug this morning on a two monitor system. The mouse does cyclically disappear and appear exactly between the two monitors (at the most left position of the right monitor).
Moving the mouse is very sticky and the curios is, that it moves back to the old position by itself !
A login to the machine was possible. The X server consumes 100% CPU.
After a while the oom-killer killed the X server. rss about 1.8 GB!
I am sure, that in some cases (seen in the past) the X server consumes not that large amount of memory, but consumes 100% CPU load and does not react to any X-client.
We get the behaviour rarely on any of our (about 50) test machines. Rarely means about 2 weeks per bug event in sum on all 50 machines.

Apr 2 08:57:28 hmilab4 kernel: [1184743.650265] Out of memory: kill process 1732 (xinit) score 50701 or a child
Apr 2 08:57:28 hmilab4 kernel: [1184743.650265] Killed process 1733 (X) vsz:1986960kB, anon-rss:1874000kB, file-rss:1924kB

Does the described behaviour fit to the X server bug ?
Is there a way to switch on any debugging to get more details of this hang ?
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