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Default Re: Xorg crash on centos5 with 295.20 and Quadro 2000

I'm not aware we have any custom fonts installed (or, more correctly, any new custom fonts that we haven't had installed for years).

We think we have possibly found an application that can trigger the crash - but this is a 3rd party application that is used by hundreds of our users day in/day out without a problem (using the same OS install, Xorg version and Nvidia cards/drivers). The application is Tcl/Tk based.

I have see a few very similar backtraces for different users on different machines over the last year or so. I don't know if this same application was in use at the time or not.

It just so happens that I have one user at the moment that is suffering 3 or 4 Xorg crashes in this way a day - and the problem moves with the user when using other machines. In this way, it is quite handy to have this situation with this user, as hopefully it can give more debug info ...

My guess is that this probably isn't an Nvidia driver issue - but to aid my understanding, is it (legally) possible to get all zero/NULL values in the charinfo array elements returned by GetGlyphs()?

Also, is it possible to find out which font is being used at the time of the crash from the core dump info?

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