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Default Re: How real people will use Windows 8 on the desktop

Originally Posted by TheOneAndOnly View Post
The point is, when someone buys a computer set up with Windows 8, after using the same UI/UX for 17+ odd years, and finding everything changed around (and not for the better), there is going to be some bad mojo coming from the non-geek users.
Yep. I'm already expecting a lot of phone calls for me to install windows 7 on their new machines after they see how terrible W8 is.

Originally Posted by TheOneAndOnly View Post
Also, notice that all apps you install get placed on the Start Screen (legacy apps are ugly as hell). On a normal install, I have roughly 200 games alone. Many of those install multiple icons. That alone is going to be a major hassle. No more hierarchical or nested folders in Metro. That is going to be one major cluster f*ck to deal with.
And this right here is my main issue with metro. It gets HILARIOUSLY cluttered once you start actually installing stuff.
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