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Default Re: How real people will use Windows 8 on the desktop

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Businesses will still continue to buy the $200 eMachine ghetto PCs all day long and my company will continue to support them, Windows 8 and all.
Those "ghetto" $200 PC's aren't any worse than anything from apple. In fact in many/most cases they are better than a $600 mac. The idea that apple hardware is superior is a myth. Hands down, no sugar coating it. All you are paying for is the fact that it has the word "Apple" written on it.

This guy isn't an idiot. He is the author of the most accurate and fully functional SNES emulator to ever exist (in fact it literally plays every single game that exists to perfection.) He ports his emulator to Linux and Mac, and here's his experience with mac:

(or at least he used to port it to mac)

Read the whole thing. It's really funny just how cheap apple hardware is. It's also a really neat blog if you want to find out how hardware reverse engineering is done.

Also the idea that macs crash less and are more secure is an even bigger myth, in fact of the three major OSes, it is the worst in both departments by far, and worse is apple is by far the slowest at responding to zero day vulnerabilities (apple regularly will wait up to two months before patching exploits - that is an eternity for mission critical systems, which is yet another reason they'll never run on OSX.)

Anyways businesses don't buy $200 ghetto PC's just because they're cheap.
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