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Default Re: X crashes systematically at startup (Ubuntu 11.10, 8800M GTX/G92M)

I have the same laptop and the same problem. The X server hangs right after logging in. The time between logging and freezing depends on the drivers version as it happens with the symptoms. With some drivers it is just a black screen from the very beginning, but sometimes I have the time to open an application before the system freezes. With the most recent drivers versions (>285) the pointer is still active, but the computer is otherwise unresponsive to any mouse and keyboard instructions and I need to power it down.

This happens with all recent drivers (at least from 275.x) but not with the old drivers. I am running Debian 6 (64-bit) and the system works fine with version 195.31.36.

The problems happens regardless of the installation method (apt, compiling to the kernel in the Debian way, or installing the Nvidia bundles). Removing and blacklisting nouveau, framebuffers, etc, does not help.

This problem occurs in all Linux distros I have tried (Debian-based, RHEL-based, Slackware-based, etc), but not in FreeBSD. In FreeBSD even the most recent driver versions run fine.

The only workaround I have found this far is sticking to old driver versions (which in Debian Stable is not a problem for the time being). This also forces me to use CUDA version 3 (CUDA 4 requires at least the version 285.x of the drivers).

My question is: Is this problem specific for this particular laptop/motherboard or is the card deprecated for Linux systems?

ADDENDUM: A similar problem also happened for a while in my workstation, which has a Tyan S7025 motherboard, a Quadro FX 4800 and three Tesla C1060. However, the problem appears to be corrected from version 285.x. With the laptop, though, the problem persists with all recent versions of the drivers...
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