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Default Re: Anyone else bored with gaming?

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I knew someone would make this into a PC vs. console kind of thread lol. Consoles are just fine, it's the game quality/content I'm talking about. Where is the next awesome original idea? I don't care about graphics, guns sounds or stupid crap like everyone else around here. I want a fresh storyline, new gameplay mechanics, etc. Quality > quantity.

I haven't tried DOTA but I'm not very "excited" about Diablo 3, never was into that game. Skyrim and Mass Effect are lame, played both for 30 minutes and got bored fast. Forgot about the new Hitman game, I'll be buying that one for sure.
You did mention your Xbox in the OP... Soo... You were talking about your experience on your console. I am just saying that the PC has a much wider variety in game types, and more of them. You're pretty much stuck with cookie cutter FPS'. While I have a huge selection of indie games, rts' and rpg's to choose from. Also tons of games that don't fall into either category. Also, don't claim that consoles have rts games. Sure they do, but playing one with a controller is like playing a fps on the pc with your face.
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