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Default Re: Anyone else bored with gaming?

Here we are. The infamous bored of gaming part of life.

You're bored not because of the lack of games, it's from your changing tastes. Shoot em up FPS'a and the like don't excite you like DD...err.. i mean like they used to. You have these fantastic memories of games of yore and when you fire them up they don't kindle that fire you remember.


You dont need to quit gaming, just find what your preference has morphed into.

Look at me for example. I was heavy into LFD2, COD (the world war ones) Swat4, Guild Wars.... a ton of others I can't remember. As my prioroties changed from that into my family/bball/family I stopped playing all of them. I havent played a PC game in a zillion years and I don't miss it.

That being said, I didn't give up gaming. I recognized that I still like it but have to find something new. Besides firing up my original NES, which will always be awesome, I've certainly found what I like.

Obviously mobile gaming is easier for me since I am away from home or at home but don't want to fire up the TV. On iOS, look for Swords and Sworcery or Waking Mars. First, the price is cheaper than a box game for a console/PC... but next.. these examples are barely games as it is...

They are musical gaming experiences. It tweaks a new feeling of gaming but getting more out of it than killing over and over again. Avoid stupid crap like Angry Birds and Super Fruit Ninja (whatever its called). Those are mindless and time wasters...

Dont fret - you aren't quitting - just changing.
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