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Default Re: Anyone else bored with gaming?

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
FSX is only thing I'm playing lately and that's more so tweaking, frame rate testing, checking out addons, etc. than actual flying. Great game to push ones hardware and graphics.
Yeah, tweakers paradise. At one time when I was either working part time or unemployed I put in like six hours a night of tweaking, testing, downloading, and making screenshots. lol

Recently I've popped into ME3 a few times, but other than that I haven't touched a game since hitting level 25 in Skyrim after it came out. I was hoping it would be like the old Morrowind days where I'm glued for 400 hours, but those days are gone. Even when I try to get all excited for a game I lose interest fast, but I'm 32 now so thats how it goes....
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