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Default Re: Xorg crash on centos5 with 295.20 and Quadro 2000

Poking about the pGC->font structure in miPolyText16() from the core dump, the font in question appears to be:

"-misc-baekmuk batang-medium-r-normal--10-*-*-*-*-*-iso10646-1"

Which on RHEL5/CentOS5 systems is from the fonts-korean RPM

I have no idea why this font is involved - the user is not knowingly using this font.

However, I have managed to reproduce the crash with a simple piece of X11 code - based on examples found on the web (attached)

This app crashes Xorg with the same backtrace every time when using CentOS 5.6 and any Nvidia driver version. It doesn't crash Xorg when I use the nv or vesa Xorg driver

Running the app on a CentOS 6.2 box and it doesn't crash Xorg - so I guess it something to do with the Xorg server version that RHEL5/CentOS5 uses and the Nvidia drivers ???

I'm going install CentOS 5.8 on a machine to see if it has the same problem
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