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Default I didn't think it was possible, Duke Nukem Forever news!

Duke Nukem Forever news from the man, himself.


My New Years resolution:

To play DukeNukemForever THIS YEAR!


please post screenshot

By: GeorgeB3DR [ Reply ]

Well, we're closer than last year, and certainly moreso than any previous year We actually make progress now.

It kinda wasn't prior to 2002, unfortunately. Two steps forward and 3-4 backwards.
By: Clay [ Reply ]

how were you going backward?


By: GeorgeB3DR [ Reply ]

Hmmm...probably not getting key tech features done in time, and since we were unwilling to have an average looking game (projecting to when we could potentially ship), we re-did major chunck of the engine, which caused content to get redone. In short, we never had a solid tech base to build on, so it was the equivalent of trying to build a house without a solid foundation/structure.

By: PUPSTAHS [ Reply ]

has the story changed much over the years?
By: GeorgeB3DR [ Reply ]

Yeah, a good bit, and it's continually getting tweaked. But the levels you visit have been locked a while. It's pretty easy to make plot alterations and still weave them into existing levels though.
By: jedi_27 [ Reply ]

woah . . . can we ask if you are still using the UNREAL engine ?


By: GeorgeB3DR [ Reply ]

Yeah, but just the overall structure. Editor, scripting language, networking etc. We've completely gutted and written our own AI system, rendering, particles, skeletal animation and more so it won't look/feel like an Unreal game at all I don't think.

In hindsight, I don't think licensing an engine was a smart move for us. We're pretty uncompromising in what we want to do, so we don't like having limitations. What killed us was not having the programming staff to do what we wanted to do effectively and not recognizing that for a long time. Chalk that up to inexperience.
By: ease_one [ Reply ]

I just imagine that the code by now is an insane spiderweb of old and new stuff. I am thinking that rolling your own engine would be much cleaner, maybe less buggy too, or atleast easier to fix the bugs. Hmm, goodluck with all of that!
By: GeorgeB3DR [ Reply ]

Yes, in hindsight, writing our own engine would have been the way to go, but that wasn't an option once we were so deep into things. We basically stepped back in early 2002, said "This just isn't going to work or be what we want" and spent most of 2002 re-writing things to get us where we needed to be, once and for all. Most of 2003 was spent on content creation and hring new people. Once we were able to make progress, content creation bottlenecks emerged that needed to be dealt with.

So, it's been an interesting journey, but one I do not recommend be repeated, by anyone, ever Haha...
By: Ajax [ Reply ]

This is actually quite encouraging.
You're talking like you guys are pretty close to that light at the end of the tunnel.

I'll refrain from asking the obvious, but thank you for the update!

By: GeorgeB3DR [ Reply ]

One of the guys at the office summed it up perfectly a few months ago. He said we finally FOUND the tunnel
By: jedi_27 [ Reply ]

wow thats really interesting. one more question, sorry to bug you. but are you using the physics engine that Epic and Valve are using ?

i don't know how the licenese agreements work with the UNREAL engine at all, sorry.

By: GeorgeB3DR [ Reply ]

Epic is using MathEngine, and HL2 uses Havoc. We're on MathEngine because it was already partially integrated into Unreal when we licensed it.

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