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Default How to set the minimum clock speed in adpative mode?

Hi guys, firstly I should apolagize for my poor english...
My device card is GeForce 9300M GS.
Driver: NVIDIA 295.33
And I find the performance level 0 (GPU:169MHz, Memory:100MHz, Processor:338MHz) can not satisfy the work in KDE. So I want to know how to set the specific performance level, that means to set the CPU speed to 250MHz(or higher may be) of performance level 0, or lock the mini-level to level 1 instead of level 0 in adpative mode ? Fixed to the maximum performance which heats my device, and I would perfer the adpative mode. Acctually I have done this in windows by use Nvidia Inpector, but I do not know how to do in linux.
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