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Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Here is the entire story of Firefall...

And then videos of gameplay... That wasn't so hard.

Really, it's nothing like borderlands. It's nothing like any game currently out. It's pretty much its own unique game. Maybe the art style is slightly like borderlands, but that's where it ends.
Why so short, sweet pea?

I'm watching the videos on the site and it really seems like you can best describe it as WoW with a Sci-Fi story and environment. I'm referring to the MMORPG elements of WoW- you can quest or PvP in a massive world.

I honestly did enjoy WoW. Would have preferred it not have a monthly fee, far better visuals, and more of a story line but other wise I enjoyed it. Stopped playing though because I didn't enjoy it enough to warrant forking out monthly for it.

This, however, is free, has far better visuals, is sci-fi (I'm much more a sci-fi buff than a fantasy one)... sounds like a win to me.

Thanks for sharing this Roadster. Just may have found me a MP game I can stick with for a while.
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