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Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
This is a game you HAVE to go into details because there is simply so much to it.

For example... The world is dynamic. All the events are dynamic. You can log on in the morning for an hour, then quit and log on in the evening and it could be totally different. Your city could be taken over in that time and you have to fight to get it back. Or any numerous number of things.

You can't describe it by a simple paragraph. You have to go watch all the videos on youtube, and read about it. There is just that much depth to it.
Makes it sound that much better... but I would imagine I may bore after a while.

I'm not very competitive so I'd enjoy questing far more than combating other players. However, it would be an interesting twist to, every once in a while, have to defend your town or whatever from an assault. I'd just hate to have that become the norm. It'd completely ruin the game for me.

EDIT: Would be much more tolerable if players could actually hold important roles within the game world. For example- the mayor of your town could be an actual player, and maybe they struck up an alliance with a neighboring town, and that town comes under siege. The mayor would post a quest to aid the neighboring town.

Or maybe you need to collect so much of a certain item, but it's a daunting task. You could post a quest where other players could help you for a reward, etc. Would add a new twist to questing I think.
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