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I'm actually getting a bit excited for this- I miss the days where there were so many new titles coming out each year, and those new titles pushed you to purchase newer and more powerful hardware to run said titles at the best possible frame rate with the best possible in-game settings. The excitement around HL2 and D3's launch, articles stating you'd need a super beefy video card with 256MB framebuffer for those games (this was around the time I bought my FX5950U), and then we were wowed with FarCry which seemed to have come out of no where but had stunning visuals at the time (easily brought my 5950U to it's knees). Then there was Quake4, Prey, and F.E.A.R., and can't forget Oblivion- each pushing us to purchase crazy hardware to run the games with exception frame rates and max settings. CoD 4 was among those in its time to push our hardware.

Those feelings just aren't there for me anymore. My computer is nothing special compared to most PC gaming enthusiasts, yet I feel no compelling reason to upgrade. No game or games on the horizon that will drive me to upgrade. Hence where the boredom is coming from. Mostly a re-hash same-old same-old. That's one reason I enjoyed the Crysis games so much- because they're a revolutionary leap in visuals for gaming, yet what other games can claim that?

Don't know why but this game kinda' has me feeling excited like that again. It seems as though it's taken out of James Cameron's Avatar world, kinda'. I dunno- just really seems like I could like this game. Even more so since it doesn't have a monthly fee. If it's as awesome as it seems, I'd love to pay them $50 but it sounds like the game is absolutely free. If so I do hope they have paypal for donations, as it sounds I'd likely shoot them $50.

This may just revive my interest in gaming, specifically PC gaming.
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