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Default Re: [BUG REPORT] 260.19.36 64-bit Linux driver conflicts with AMD 890FX IOMMU

Originally Posted by Deanjo View Post
Yes, it works either way, IOMMU only and with the 64 MB window. As far as case ID goes, the typical useless Asus support was no help on the issue. I had to get the issue addressed using a contact that an associate had for asus engineering directly.
I'm not surprised you had to go to ASUS engineering directly.

For the record, I'm running a Phenom II X6 1055T 95W, 16GB of RAM and PNY 9800GT with 1GB of RAM. I'm currently using a vanilla 3.3.0 kernel in 64 bit mode with no patches.

I have a feeling this is one of those where it's going to take a alignment of the memory bits into a sacred pattern followed by a sacrfice of a chicken... Which apparently Microsoft did as the IOMMU works fine for me in Win 7 64 bit with the old and new BIOS.

Can you tell me which openSUSE kernel you are using? Do you have any additional patches installed on it? Also, if the kernel config is not the openSUSE distributed one, can you attach yours to a post?

Can you attach a dmesg/boot log for comparison?

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