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Default Re: Shocked 680 GTX is faster then my 580 SLI

Originally Posted by i SPY View Post
I saw you posting the same thing on guru3d

Your old SLI config. obviously didnt work as it should, even i get 7050P gpu score (3dmark2011) with a single OC'ed 570gtx and you only 11000 with 2 580gtx? heh

Other 2 benchmarks include flawed physx 2, imo kinda says it all

Yeah your 680gtx looks on par with other 680gtx but it ain't faster then 2x580gtx, btw vs stock 580gtx its only 25-30% max

anyway sorry to trash your thread, enjoy your new 660gtx.. lol I mean 680gtx
Its OK if you thought you trashed my thread,but facts are I owned 580 SLI 3gb and a 660 I mean 680 gtx did some benches and posted what I got.

Some people have no clue unless you own the cards and I do.

3d guru gtx580-directcu-ii got the same as my 680 single card actually little less,thats more then 20-30%

My old 580 SLI worked fine when overclocked Read what I posted above.

Of course 580 SLI can be faster.
What I tested it is not and you can believe it or not.

If you want to prove me wrong post any of your benches and compare to one 680,or post any 580 SLI benches and prove me wrong.
Just remember I have own both and I know what they can do.

None has posted any benches to prove me wrong,I know why because they can not.I even had some guy tell me my CPU and motherboard was a bottleneck and I should get new cpu and motherboard to experience the power of 580 SLI.

2600K@5014 Mhz on a Z68 motherboard.

Here's a single heaven run on a 660

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