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Default Re: [BUG REPORT] 260.19.36 64-bit Linux driver conflicts with AMD 890FX IOMMU

I bit the bullet and did some thorough testing, removing each graphics card individually and trying different combinations of RAM modules. I tested using 4 kernels - 3.2-pf, 3.3.1-vanilla, 3.3.1-vanilla with opensuse config and the fedora kernel mentioned earlier. I reflashed 1102 again and reset everything to default apart from enabling IOMMU (both 64MB and without). I've tried the three most recent versions of the nvidia kernel module - 295.33, 295.20 and 290.10.

You seem to be correct about the bug being connected to the CPU - nothing else makes a difference. Can anybody else here confirm that their AMD FX processor and AMD 990FX/890FX chipset has this bug?
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