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I've been using an iPad 2 for about a week now thanks to my employer. The only mobile device I have used prior was an HTC Droid Incredible for the last year and a half.

I was completely blown away. It is extremely polished, refined and smooth. However, I did have the App store lock up the device several times. Once for about 10 seconds.

I think I just favor the Android ecosystem. Yes, the market has a bunch of crap on it, but you can nearly always find a very cheap or free app to do what you want. It will not have the polish that you will find with the Apple app, but I've found that isn't important to me.

Of course, I root my Android devices and subscribe to a forum dedicated to high end video cards and custom PCs. I'm an outlier. The iPad is the perfect tablet for well over 90% of the population, although I do have hope for the ICS tablets.
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