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Default Re: ~ Official "I watch TV on my PC" thread ~

So at my new home we have a very interesting setup. We don't have cable TV and only miss it when there's a game on TV that isn't streamed, which seems to be really rare. At that point it's just a good excuse to go out to a bar lol.

We have a C2Q Q8400 in our server, 8gb of RAM, 5x2 TB of drives in RAID-5 and they currently store around 3TB of legally owned and obtained movies and TV series that my roommate or I own.

My other roommate has a 55" TV and a (poorly designed and built, but it's fast) HTPC in the living room that acts as our media hub. It has a Core i-5 2500K, 4gb of RAM and an ATi 5870. It's powerful, but it is loud and intrusive, not at all an ideal HTPC solution. These are all connected over a gigabit network for optimal streaming.

My desktop also has 5x2 TB drives in a RAID-5 array so we're actually doing full backups of our media server to my desktop in the event of a drive or hardware failure that isn't covered by the RAID array.

Oh and it's all tied together in the living room with the high end Logitech Z 5500 5.1 speaker setup that my other roommate owns... if you've noticed the trend, it's that I don't pay for anything and we build all the cool **** out of my roommate's stuff lol. I do own the networking equipment though... I guess that was my contribution lol.

But between Netflix, legal TV streams like Big Bang Theory, Southpark, etc.. (for all the new shows) and our personally owned copies we're set
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