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Default Interesting observation with nvidia-settings and stderr redirection

If you redirect stderr (although nothing is printed on stderr), some but not all values disappear.

nvidia-settings -c :8.0 -q all 2>&1 |  egrep "Attribute '(ThermalSensorReading|GPUCurrentFanSpeed)'" | tee l
  Attribute 'GPUCurrentFanSpeed' ([fan:0]): 40.
  Attribute 'ThermalSensorReading' ([thermalsensor:0]):
  Attribute 'ThermalSensorReading' ([thermalsensor:1]):
  Attribute 'ThermalSensorReading' ([thermalsensor:2]):
nvidia-settings -c :8.0 -q all |  egrep "Attribute '(ThermalSensorReading|GPUCurrentFanSpeed)'" | tee l
  Attribute 'GPUCurrentFanSpeed' ([fan:0]): 40.
  Attribute 'ThermalSensorReading' ([thermalsensor:0]): 74.
  Attribute 'ThermalSensorReading' ([thermalsensor:1]): 64.
  Attribute 'ThermalSensorReading' ([thermalsensor:2]): 59.

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