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Default Re: SEGA's unreleased 'Saturn 2' and The Dreamcast Story

This is pretty cool, i didn't know they had a saturn 2 planned, or is that what became the dreamcast?

I think even if they did get a more powerful gpu in their console they would still not succeed as they had already doomed them selves earlier with the mismanagement of the CD and 32x addons for the Megadrive only to get abandoned too soon followed by lackluster support for the difficult Saturn as it was launched too soon (surprising developers and potential customers alike) as a response to the announcement of the PSX, leading to yet another console being abandoned too soon and a new console rushed out. Sega payed dearly to be first.
It wasn't really a fault in hardware but stupid management and poor communication. Fastest and most powerful isn't what defines a successful console as there is a whole host of unsuccessful powerhouses attesting to that.

Too many people were simply unwilling to commit to Sega at that time due to their track record in support of their own hardware or rather lack their of.

I had the MegaDrive II with the MegaCD II addon and the 32X, while i did like them they left a really bad taste of poor support and I was fortunate to have sold it all while it was still hot and got a lot of cash for it.

It was amazing to see the Dreamcast in action back in the day and I did want one but me and most of my friends had already decided it to be a safer bet to wait for the Ps2.
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