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Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
The lack of talent system is a throw back to Everquest.
Stigma slots and the corresponding skills are something that can make a difference between two characters of the same class.

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
- To add insult to badness... Aion has a heavy pvp element and despite the fact you have 8 classes with no room for alteration of your class subtype, there is still bad imbalances in the pvp system. This is inexcusable really....
These type of games are never ever balanced for 1vs1. This is something you have to accept and I can understand why it might be a deal breaker for some. The whole PvPvE element, where you can use rifts to attack the other side was one of the key points used in selling the game to players. It can be quite fun, if you're in a good group.

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
You cannot twitch a muscle when casting, so it is much harder to make sure your target does not get out of your field of view when you finish casting...
While true, you can weave in your auto-attack skill between the normal skills to higher the dmg output.

Also, clerics were always a melee/healer class.
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