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vardant, you can never have a true melee/caster class.. knight types are allways stronger in melee and use magic to back them up, either with DD spells or to add damaged to their melee attacks. Clerics are a healing class whos stats need to focus entirly on magic, and not even destructive magic at that. With their main limited selection of DD being range they should never be in melee distance. You can weave melee hits in when you are in melee range to maximize dps but it doesn't excuse the fact that it was a stupid decision have clerics need to.

Stigma slots are very much like WoW's glyph system... in that they don't differentiate squat. You are pretty much required to have the specific stigmas needed for when you are pve, pvp, and healing. Aion does a bit more then WoW in that it can give a whole new ability, but it does not change the fact that there are pre-determined builds for If I am this class and I am PvE, I use these specifc stigmas.

And no, when you have 10(11) classes with 3 talent builds requiring you to balance for 30(33) trees, then I will easily accept that not all of them will be fair, and some will be downright ignored. When you have 8 classes... no trees so you are only balancing 8 builds (Stigmatas are not balanced around), there is absolutely no excuse why you can't 1vs1 balance them. The biggest reason they couldn't balance them is they went with the stupid idea that only one class can be the supreme tank and only one class can be the supreme healer. These extremes make it impossible to adjust the power triangle of a class (damage/heal/stamina) to be equal footing with others.
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