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There are weapons, that extend. That gives you a little bit more range, so you don't have to get too close.

Stigma slots don't change that much, you're right. They were supposed to though, which is a shame.

I'm not saying you can't balance them for 1vs1, but they don't do that. It was the same in Lineage 2, there are classes, that you just can't beat with some other classes.

I gave up on Aion, because even though the rifts were fun, they didn't matter that much and they nerfed the attacking side too much at one point, so it was pointless. Also, while the experience tables were adjusted to lessen the grind, you're still pretty much forced to grind some other nonsense in order to get something else like armor sets etc. And the RNG in the game is just ridiculous.

TERA seems to go the same way, focused on PvE in Korea, while the western audience wanted to use the action combat system for an actually skillbased PvP, but it's not gonna happen.
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