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Thumbs down This is not a work from you guys (to developers)

Hi, I hope you driver developers read this.

The latest driver (as 4th of january 2004) is a not a driver. A driver doesn't crash in kernel space.
I try to gep my NVidia GeForce4 MX 440 Agp8x card to work about half a year.
I tried everything from 4496 up to 5328.
There is no driver that work correctly with my card.

I'm unable to set the the dual view, the TVout, and when I return from X my console is messed up. Every piece of your driver is a trash. (I read the installation manual about 100 times, and I'm an experienced linux software developer, also searched thruw the forums)
I understand if you don't want to write a driver for your card. But a card costing about 130$ should work, souldn't? If not, display it on the box (and I don't by it)

BTW your news site is quite unfoundable. I had to search it with google, because
there is no link from

I'm sad that an NVidia card is unusable, I think about changing vendor. (for all my clients and propose to the people the same).

If you think this is not good, and you think the issues should be fixed, feel free to contact me if you need more information about the metioned errors.
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