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Lightbulb Re: John Romero to return to PC gaming with old-school shooter

Originally Posted by zer0 View Post
give me Quake 1 remake.
I'll second that, but make it GLQuake, where NVIDIA's TNT blew away the 3dfx Voodoo whatever, which required "pass-thru" technology meaning that an additional graphics card needed to be purchased for 2D, or "Windows" desktop performance. Give me OpenGL! That's why nV News is still here.

We loved the stories from Brian "Wicked" Wilson (r.i.p.) from Vodoo Exteme and Brain Hook, who was a lead developer on the conversion from Quake to GLQuake.

And when NVIDIA purchased 3dfx, we started hearing from NVIDIA about something call SLI.

ATI then respoded with Crossfire, which was a POS the last time I tested it. Sorry AMD, but Crossfire will ALWAYS be second-rate technology. Invent something that can beat SLI please!

SLI is the way to go for multi-GPU gaming and High Performance Computing (HPC). Intel needs to watch out
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