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Default Re: Forceware 301.24 beta

And its the best driver from all 300 series so far, at least for my 570gtx.

Two gave me TDR (300.89, 300.99) i never had that before (ever).. Its fixed in 301.10.

301.24 are perfect in daily desktop usage (browsing, watching flash videos, scrolling - almost perfect).. i didnt try any games yet, hopefully its better then 301.10, but i think it will be since its from a completely new branch.

300.89: r300_68-13 (no BF3 stutter, i tired these after 300.99 and got the same TDR later)

300.99: r300_95-2 (idk about BF3, i got my first TDR ever, deleted it right away)

301.10: r300_68-51 (BF3 stutter,GF600 users reported the same heh, TDR fixed)

301.24: r301_07-12

I played AVP dx11 DM and it has the same AA issue at 4xAA.. It uses higher vram then it has to (all vram 1270mb) - i can get around it by lowering to 2x aa (1050mb) and back to 4xaa(~1150mb), otherwise it runs great. Also tested 3dmark2011 and got a little higher gpu score..

lol i need to test for other bugs, like Ambient Occlusion flicker in Aion, UT3 and TF2 (occasionally), also Dirt3 cpu usage leak + vsync (but i guess i'll have to fill another bug)

Overall they're still the best from all 300 series
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