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Default Re: Interesting observation with nvidia-settings and stderr redirection

It happens on several systems that have nothing in common except for having NVidia video cards. This looks purely like a userland issue with nvidia-settings or libraries it links to.

It happens every time and can be reproduced just by copy'n'pasting the two commands. I edited them for you for easier cut'n'paste since I use $DISPLAY=:8.x.

 DISPLAY=:0.0 nvidia-settings -q all |  egrep "Attribute '(ThermalSensorReading|GPUCurrentFanSpeed)'" 
# redirection breaks it, number is missing:
DISPLAY=:0.0 nvidia-settings -q all 2>&1 |  egrep "Attribute '(ThermalSensorReading|GPUCurrentFanSpeed)'"

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