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Default Re: GTX 680 + linux, What is the max pixelclock?

Originally Posted by ellson View Post
I'm considering purchasing a GTX680 for stereoscopic viewing using a 120Hz monitor. Is > 400MHz pixelclock required for this?
>400 Mhz is only needed for 120Hz @ 2560x1440. A normal 1920x1200 (or below) monitor does not need that high of bandwidth for 120hz/3d.

Originally Posted by Licaon View Post
You can use a 120Hz monitor but you can't use 3D Stereo under Linux with consumer grade ( read GTXxxx ) cards, a Quadro is needed, yes, it's not like on Windows, please call nvidia and complain! no really call them!

...the 400Mhz clock you can ignore

oh, well even if it's a secret you can tell me it's name, i won't tell anyone, i promise!
It is a YAMAKASI CATLEAP Q270 SE. However the only the older ones were capable of super high refresh rate.
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