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Default Couldn't stay more then a minute on X

It's really annoying trying to figure if it's a hardware issue ora configuration issue.

The scenario is that as soon as I startx
xterms is up and i'm able to move the cursor, type and run commands.
Then within seconds, It goes into black screen, sometimes white.
Tried falling back to a console with alt+F1 or Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, both failed to response.
All I could do is unplug the power cord and wait for it to power down itself.
Couldn't even perform a hard reset.

I've tried many variation to configure the kernel,
With and without framebuffer, acpi, IOMMU.
Kernel version, nvidia-driver version, gcc etc...

The funny part is, if I run a livecd or windows.
It works flawlessly.

I hope I could resolve this issue soon.
Thanks for taking the time to look in to this.
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