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Default Re: Z77 Motherboards are out

Originally Posted by Capt. Picard View Post
Bought a Z77-G43 last week.

Took off the little plastic cover and with a little accidental spastic jerk with the plastic cover (I don't know why) I nicked one of they CPU socker pins and bent it.

I know in the manual they say that I first install the CPU and then remove the plastic cover from the bracket. But hey, people make mistakes.

I tried to bend it back and assemble it but after pressing the power button, it just restarts and shuts down, restarts and shuts down, restarts and shuts down, continuously ...

Now it's costing me to courier it back to my online dealer and they have to ship it back to the distributor where they'll have to replace the whole socket. Another 2 weeks without a computer again. And it's costing me a fortune.

I wish motherboard manufacturers can do away with those stupid little pins. Why can't they design the sockets and CPUs to be pads against pads.
crap, that sucks
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