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Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Just got my extended battery. I don't know why they include another back door, it's essentially the same. It seems like the phone should have shipped with this extended life battery. It's slightly thicker than the original, but not enough to notice.

I'll see how it does after a full charge and full day of use.
Ive had a aftermarket battery in for some time now, Paid 10 for a 3800mAh one from eBay, Ive noticed a massive, Massive improvement in battery life(far exceeds my expectations for 10). I'm able to turn the screen brightness up too something that really shows of the beautiful screen in all its glory, I have WiFi, 3G & all 3 Location Services(GPS)running 24/7, I have the screen sleep time now set too 1 min instead of 15 secs ... I can really give this phone some stick, I can brown the net, Use app and play some games at work on my breaks and still get 2 days from it!

Before on the stock battery with WiFi off, screen brightness all the way down, All 3 Location Services(GPS) off & Screen sleep time to 15 secs with light usage i was lucky to last the day.
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