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Default Re: In need of an upgrade, advice please

Originally Posted by DJMONDY View Post
Ive been looking at bundles and wanted to ask your advice as i want to build a good games rig. what do you think of this from overclockers uk:

Krypton Z68 620i Intel Core i7 2700K 3.50Ghz @ 4.40GHz Overclocked Bundle
8GB Kingston Hyperx Genesis Grey 1600mhz

Currently at 465

500 is my budget for the motherboard, Ram and Cpu. i will buy a new Gpu at at later date. is this a good bundle or can you recommend something better for the price.

One more thing. is my power supply ok? (see below). i assume it is but it is around 4yrs old now.

Many thanks

On the graphics card side of thinks i did spot this:
Gainward GeForce GTX 580 "Phantom" 3072MB GDDR5

Any good?? i know its not the latest thing on the market but the 680 can be very expensive

A 2GB GTX 680 costs less than a 3GB GTX 580, at least at retail. The 680 is more expensive than a standard 1.5GB 580.

I'm not sure exactly what model your Silverstone PSU might be, but any respectable 850W PSU should be more than adequate for any single card. It's probably OK for two GTX 680s (less power needed than dual 580s).
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