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Default Re: Adobe Flash Player 11.2 under NVIDIA drivers (hangs, crashes and blue skin color)

Originally Posted by artem View Post
I for one have reverted back to Flash Player 11.1. Even with these "fixes" Flash Player 11.2 crashes too often. I'd rather endure its slowness than cope with constant crashes.

In case someone has troubles finding or downloading it, you can download it from here. (32bit and 64bit versions included).
$ sha256sum flashplayer11_1r102_63_linux.tar.xz
3ea33edd58e2a7e0935f653bc73855e206489648c228d73089c093f4aa007008  flashplayer11_1r102_63_linux.tar.xz
Thank's artem ! No crash, no lag (even in 1080p video), all are smooth... So the problem come from flashplayer and not nvidia driver.

Okay this version contains 4 known hole (2 for Google Chrome only, 1 for Windows only), so 1) I go only on youtube for flash video 2) need someone to WRITE a malware that use THIS hole (CVE-2012-0773) and for LINUX operating system... I'm not so paranoid, I will use this version until an updated one come.
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