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Default GeForce GTX 680 availability

I've been wanting to get a new GTX 680 from any vendor, but I have had a lot of difficulty locating one. All the main e-tail sites like Newegg and Frys are out. I went to ebay and Amazon, but I'm unwilling to pay $100 or more over MSRP to those scalpers. Anyone hear about the availability of the GTX 680. It's obviously extremely difficult to locate at MSRP, but I'm hoping that the availability will improve soon. I never thought a $500 video card would sell out so quickly maybe TSMC is having problems with 28nm process, but the HD 7970 seems to be available.

This reminds me of my attempts to get an ATI X800 XT PE back in 2004. I was never able to buy one even though I spent a TON of time online at various sites.
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