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Default PC bank 27" Korean IPS monitor is here

My PC bank 2700 showed up Friday. I've read a lot about these korean 27" IPS panels over the last couple of weeks and their prices are hilariously low. Some have sub par stands or hit or miss dead pixel probability but some sell with zero dead pixel guarantees and offer more sturdy construction. From what I've gathered, the PC bank is one of those and after getting it setup yesterday, I believe it.

I got a chance to finally hook it up last night along with my new EVGA 680. Absolutely perfect screen, zero dead or stuck pixels and everything feels solid and well built.

Skyrim in 1440p is absolutely breathtaking but I'm going to have to get used to such a big screen (my other is 24"). It's kinda like sitting on the front row of a movie where you're wanting to move back away from the screen. I can't lean over in my chair and game like I could on my 24.

My only real gripes with it are no height adjustment, only tilt up and down and turn from side to side but it does have vesa 100 mounting so this should be a nice addition later on

The other gripe is that the color isn't quite as bright and vivid (not as bright overall) as my 24" samsung. the viewing angle is a lot better than the 24 but side by side, the 27" isn't as bright. I dropped the brightness on the 24 to match but I'm considering getting the color munki to get a proper calibration.

Also, finally, maybe I didn't push them hard enough or something but it seems like only the power button works. No screen menus or aything like that to make adjustments. They may not be attached to anything on purpose to keep cost down though. (would not surprise me)

Regardless, for under $400 to my door, this thing is GREAT and the shipping was fast. Do specify if you order that you need (if you're here in the states) that you need a 110V brick. I got the 240v adaptor and he had to send me the 110v.

I'll try to get pics tonight.
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