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Default Re: Interesting observation with nvidia-settings and stderr redirection

I don't know why you can't see the same thing, or why only some attributes are affected and others are not.

However, an strace of this clearly shows a storm of
3348  ioctl(2, TIOCGWINSZ, {ws_row=83, ws_col=264, ws_xpixel=1867, ws_ypixel=1166}) = 0
That's not gonna work right if fd 2 isn't connected to the terminal. The straces clearly show that you do it regardless of whether fd 2 goes to the tty or is redirected. It seems a safe bet that not doing this to non-terminals will solve this problem.

ETA: You also do that "ioctl(2, ..." a total of 10404 times for the above command. That is probably one reason why it's so slow.

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