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Default Re: GT430 not functioning correctly

Alright, thanks for getting back to me. The program that you suggested is a Windows program and I am running Linux. Actually, now that I think about it, I did install GPU-Z when I had Win7 installed, and it just shut the computer down every time I ran it. I have an nVidia control panel that gives me some information but not much. I'm sure there is a way to check to power consumption with Linux, but it is beyond my capability.

What I have done is installed a fan on the card. I had a fan laying around. I had to remove the heat sink to access the 2 pin plug on the card. I connected the fan, reinstalled the heat sink, and have the fan sitting directly above the card on the vented exterior of the case. It actually works pretty sweet. I opened the nVidia control panel where I can monitor GPU temp and opened Google Earth. I zoomed to Chicago (3D buildings) and the card shut off pretty quickly. It never exceeded 39 degrees Celsius.

So now I'm wondering just how much power that card needs? I just posted in the HP forums asking if anyone can tell me how much power is available at that slot. I'm not sure where to find this information yet but I'm still looking.
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