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Default Re: PC bank 27" Korean IPS monitor is here

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
You know, every modern video card I've ever used allows you to adjust the colors, brightness, contrast, etc within the driver control panel. Pretty much meaning those features on the monitor are almost entirely useless.

Just sayin'.
That's not exactly right though. I have 2 monitors on my desk at work, both have been calibrated using a Spyder3 ELITE. They are both connected to the same video card, but no matter what I do from the PC end, the smaller of the 2 monitors just doesn't have the dynamic range and brightness of the newer wide screen monitor. Without being able to adjust the colour, brightness and contrast on the monitor, there is only so much the graphics card can do - you need the controls on the monitor too.

A simple test : using the controls on your monitor, turn the brightness right down. Now using only the graphics card settings in Control Panel, attempt to get the monitor back to its original brightness. You simply can't do it. Same with colour and contrast.
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