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Default What card to get/stick with?

Just a question for you guys, and I'm needing opinions.

I currently have a system equipped with a Radeon 6870 1gig, and plan on building a new system sometime soon. Now I know this site is likely biased towards Nvidia (I have no real allegiance to either and have used both in the past to mixed results).
Would I be better off keeping my current card, or getting the latest Nvidia? I have been out of touch with Nvidia the last couple of years, so I am unfamiliar with the pros/cons of their current offerings.
I typically play a large range of games age-wise (mid-90's to current). I use one 24" monitor to native res, and like to pump at least 4x-8x AA if not higher and full AF. I don't expect screaming FPS, but like them to at least stay above 40FPS and fairly smooth.
Now obviously Nvidias top of the line will be stronger than my older card. But would it be worth upgrading to in real-world results?

Also, my current system is an i5 2400, 16 gigs RAM. I plan on upgrading to an i7 and keeping the ram and mainboard. Cost is not a real issue, but I would expect noticeable results if I am going to buy one.
I'd appreciate any thoughts or opinions. Worth it or not?
Thanks much.
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