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Default X fails to start when external display present from boot with 295.x, 290.10 ok

The laptop is a Dell Precision M4600 with Quadro 2000M and IPS RGB LCD panel. When docked, two displays exist: DFP-4 (external) and DFP-5 (internal) with DFP-5 is disabled, only external DFP-4 in use.

The driver 290.10 works fine when docked (and undocked). See attached nvidia-bug-report-290.10-docked.log.gz for normal operation.

Switching to any 295.x drivers, keeping all other things the same, X starts all right when UNdocked, i.e. only DFP-5 available (although the screen flickers badly when in power saving mode). See attached nvidia-bug-report-295.40-undocked.log.gz for normal operation. However, when docked, any 295.x driver causes X to fail to start and the system hangs locally. It is possible to remotely log in via ssh but many operations just hang, including I was able to pull out certain log files - see attached my-log-files-295.40-docked.tar.gz for error reports. In particular, Xorg.0.log contains the errors:

(EE) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Failed to tear down EVO channel
(EE) NVIDIA(GPU-0): EVO Push buffer channel allocation failed
(EE) *** Aborting ***
(EE) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Failed to allocate EVO DMA push buffer
(EE) *** Aborting ***
Attached Files
File Type: gz nvidia-bug-report-290.10-docked.log.gz (117.9 KB, 104 views)
File Type: gz nvidia-bug-report-295.40-undocked.log.gz (112.1 KB, 111 views)
File Type: gz my-log-files-295.40-docked.tar.gz (38.9 KB, 110 views)

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